The Puppy Patch

The Puppy Patch is a safe place for small dogs and puppies to have a great time playing and socializing with other dogs their size. Your dog will receive the mental and physical stimulation they need without the worry of being overwhelmed by large dogs.

This building features 500 square feet of indoor area and more than 2000 square feet of outdoor space.  Outdoors is equipped with uncovered and covered areas (for those little guys that don’t like the rain), trees, benches, ramps and tunnels – everything your dog needs to have a great time running and playing.  Inside features numerous cozy couches, blankets and beds to rest in when they’ve tired themselves out. We even have heaters for the cold months and air conditioners for the hot ones.

For large breed puppies, this will be their first stop before graduating to the Big Dog building.

Price List

Purchase Options 1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Full Day $35.00 $52.50 $70.00
Half Day/Weekends/Holidays $25.00 $37.50 $50.00
Full Day – Pack of 5 $165.00 $247.50 $330.00
Full Day – Pack of 10 $315.00 $472.50 $630.00
Full Day – Pack of 15 $450.00 $675.00 $900.00
Late Pick-up (6pm – 7pm Mon – Fri) $5.00
After Hours Pick-up (8:30pm – 9pm Daily) $10.00
No Show Fee $35.00
Introduction Day $35.00
Additional Services
Ball Throw $12.50
30 Min Walk $15.00
45 Min Walk $18.00
1 Hour Walk $20.00


  • Prices do not include tax.
  • Book in advance by calling or emailing us – no walk in’s.
  • Half Days – Available in Small Dog building only.
  • Drop-off’s are from Open – 12:00pm.
  • 24-hour notice required to cancel scheduled daycare.
  • Late Pick-Up available Monday-Friday
  • After Hours Pick-Up available 7 days a week by booking only (limited availability).
  • Additional Dog from same owner gets 50% off all rates
  • Introduction Day must be booked in advance by calling or emailing us.
  • Packages have a 1 year expiry and cannot be refunded/no cash value.
  • Credit/Debit Cards only – no cash.

Daycare FAQ’s

What Immunizations does my dog need to have to come?

We require up-to-date Rabies and Distemper immunizations. We also accept and encourage Titer Tests in lieu of vaccinations. For puppies, they can come play 2 Weeks after they’ve received their second set of puppy shots. Please contact us directly if your dog has any special vaccination issues.

Can my dog come to Daycare/Boarding if they not spayed/neutered?

All dogs must be spayed/neutered by the age of 7 months. We understand that some breeders want owners to not spay/neuter until the dog is at least 1 year, however this can cause issues within a daycare/boarding setting, so this rule is not negotiable.

Do you allow all breeds?

Yes!! We do not discriminate by breed, only by behavior. All dogs are required to pass a temperament test done by our Certified Trainer to be able to come play.

Are big and small dogs kept together?

No. We have separate buildings and play areas for both sizes. The big dogs play at The Dog Patch and smaller dogs and young puppies play at The Puppy Patch.

Where do the dogs go to the bathroom?

The Dog Patch and The Puppy Patch have attached outside areas where your dog can go to the bathroom whenever they need to. All dogs have access to outside at all times; therefore there isn’t any disruption of toilet training for your puppy or any confusion for trained dogs.

Do the dogs go for walks/taken off the premises?

If you’d like, yes! We now offer off premises Walks and Ball Throws that can be added to your Reservation as an Additional Service.  Your dog will never be taken off the premises if they have not booked one of these services or signed our waiver form.

What are the requirements for my dog to attend daycare?

Our requirements for daycare apply to all dogs, no matter the size or breed.

  • Must be good with other dogs and people. All dogs must pass a temperament test before being able to come and play.
  • Have up-to-date Vaccinations
  • Must be spayed/neutered after the age of 7 months

Do you have to book Daycare in advance?

Yes – you must pre-book your dog for Daycare. You can call, email or Facebook us with that information. We do not allow drop-ins as we have a maximum number of dogs that we can take every day. So, to ensure we have enough space for your dog, we require that you book your days in advance.

Are the dogs ever left alone?

No. The dogs in all areas are always supervised by our highly trained staff.

Can my dog have a scheduled rest during the day?

Yes, if you would like your dog to get a scheduled rest, just let one of our staff know, we will make sure that your dog has some uninterrupted quiet time to re-energize.

Do you offer pick-up and drop-offs?

At this time, we do not offer this service.

Do you have/use toys in Daycare?

The Dog Patch: No. We do not use any kind of toys/balls etc. This is for the safety of all dogs as they can ingest parts of toys and become protective or obsessive over a toy. We encourage more social interactions between the dogs so toys are not required.

The Puppy Patch: Yes. We have some toys to help with socialization. We find that the small dogs sometimes need structured group play, so chasing a ball or toy with their friends works very well.