We offer two Hotel facilities – our big dog Hotel in The Dog Patch and our small dog/puppy Hotel in The Puppy Patch. Both facilities provide the ultimate boarding experience that a dog could ever wish for. After a full day of running and playing with all their friends in daycare, our Hotel guests are treated to a relaxing, safe and stress-free environment where they can sleep comfortably in our boarding rooms. If your dogs would like to share a room for a reduced rate, they can. Otherwise, they will be charged the full rate each for two separate rooms.

When your dog arrives, they will be put into the daycare to play with their friends until closing. At closing, they will be brought into their hotel room for a nap until the evening staff arrive where they will be let out for one more pee and play until morning. When morning comes, they do it all again! To ensure your pups aren’t being overstimulated or overexerted, they are given an afternoon nap every day.

Our Hotel provides you with complete peace of mind by offering an interactive environment where your pets can discover independence, adventure, new friends and good old-fashion fun in a secure and serene home-like setting.

Hotel Policies


When booking your dog’s stay, we will also schedule a drop-off time. Our drop-off times are between Open and 1:00pm daily so that your dog has time to play and our staff has time to make up their bed and prepare their food. If you would like to schedule a later drop-off between 1:00pm and closing, you will be charged a ‘Late Drop-off’ fee. For an even later drop-off, you may schedule to come at After Hours between 8:30pm and 9:00pm and will be charged an “After Hours Drop-off” fee.

A deposit of 50% of your total booking cost is required at time of booking to secure your spot. You have up until 72 hours before your dogs scheduled stay to cancel the booking and receive your deposit back. If you fail to cancel before 72 hours OR your dog does not show up for their stay, your deposit will not be returned.


Pick-up for Hotel dogs is before 1:00pm on their last day of boarding. If you are not able to pick-up before 1:00pm, a half-day daycare charge will be applied on top of your Hotel stay cost.

Peak Times

During Peak Times, Hotel prices increase by $5 a day. Peak Times are based on the current year’s school schedule and may vary year to year.

This includes:

  • Long weekends
  • Stat holidays
  • Spring break
  • Summer break
  • Christmas break