Kylee LarssenCertified Master Dog Trainer

Kylee Larssen
Certified Herding Instructor

A couple of years ago, Kylee became a Certified Master Dog Trainer and focused the majority of her efforts on helping dogs overcome problem behaviours, improve obedience, and build self-confidence. During her training years, she fell in love with herding breeds and acquired two blue heelers – Roo and Koa. She began taking Roo to a Herding facility to practice and soon after became a Certified Herding Instructor. Kylee has since moved on from the training world and opened her own herding facility just behind The Dog Patch.

Blue Collar Farm is located on over 3 acres of land, equipped with a 54′ x 32′ barn, 60′ round pen, three trial fields and around 30 sheep. They have everything you’ll need to get your dog started in the exciting world of herding.

Whether your dog is a bred working dog or an urban dog, herding is as beneficial as it is fun. By engaging the dog’s natural instincts, you will create a better relationship between you and your dog. Many herding breeds that do not have access to the job they were bred to do, can often be frustrated, hyperactive, and destructive in the household. Utilizing their natural instinct, it can relieve those behaviors and improve their overall temperament.

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