Overnight Boarding

We offer two Boarding facilities – our Big Dog Boarding in The Dog Patch and our Small Dog/Puppy Boarding in The Puppy Patch. Both facilities provide the ultimate boarding experience that a dog could ever wish for. After a full day of running and playing with all their friends in Daycare, our Boarding guests are treated to a relaxing, safe and stress-free environment where they can sleep comfortably in our Boarding Suites. If your dogs would like to share a room for a reduced rate (2 and 3 dog rate), they can. Otherwise, they will sleep in separate suites and each be charged the single dog rate.

Our Boarding facility provides you with complete peace of mind by offering an interactive environment where your dogs can discover independence, adventure, new friends and good old-fashion fun in a secure and serene home-like setting.


Length of Stay 1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
1 – 5 Nights $50.00 $75.00 $100.00
6 – 10 Nights $46.00 $69.00 $92.00
11 – 15 Nights $44.00 $66.00 $88.00
16 – 20 Nights $41.00 $61.50 $82.00
21+ Nights $39.00 $58.50 $78.00
Late Drop-off  *12:00 – 3:00pm $10.00
Late Pick-up *After 12:00pm $25.00
Peak Times +$10.00 to all rates
No Show Fee 50% Deposit
Additional Services
Ball Throw $12.50
30 Min Walk $15.00
45 Min Walk $18.00
1 Hour Walk $20.00
  • Prices do not include tax.
  • Credit/Debit Cards only – no cash.
  • Extra fees & services are 50% off for additional dogs from the same owner.

**Peak Times are based on the current year’s school schedule and may vary year to year. This includes: Long weekends, Stat holidays, Spring break, Summer break, Christmas break.

Boarding Policies

Booking – Drop-Off + Pick-Up

When booking your dog’s stay, we will also schedule a drop-off time. Our drop-off times are between Open and 12:00pm daily so that your dog has time to play and our staff has time to make up their bed and prepare their food. If you would like to schedule a later drop-off between 12:00pm and 3:00pm, you will be charged a ‘Late Drop-off” fee.  Changing drop-off and pick-up times (including picking up early) require 72-hour notice or you will be charged for the original dates booked.

A deposit of 50% of your total booking cost is required at time of booking to secure your spot. You have up until 72 hours before your dogs scheduled stay to cancel the booking and receive your deposit back. If you fail to cancel before 72 hours OR your dog does not show up for their stay, your deposit will not be returned.

Pick-up for Boarding dogs is before 12:00pm on their last day of boarding. If you are not able to pick-up before 12:00pm, you will be charged a ‘Late Pick-up’ fee.

What to Bring

The only thing you NEED to bring is your dog’s food. If you want to make your dog’s stay a bit more comfortable we encourage you to bring something from home that will stay with them in their suite.  If your dog is on medication,  you must pack that as well as any treats/special food your dog needs to take with it.

Dog Food

  • Kibble/Dry Food:  Please pack in a reusable container (no glass). Pack enough to last their stay, plus a couple extra scoops in case your plans change.
  • Wet Food:  Please bring in original container/can.
  • Raw Food: Please bring pre-portioned for each meal and packed in a reusable container.

In efforts to reduce waste we are no longer accepting dog food in zip-lock baggies.  Oversized hard containers and original dog food bags will also be turned away.

Something Familiar

  • We strongly encourage you to bring something that smells like home, either the bed they sleep on or a towel or shirt. You can also bring toys or chews – those will stay in their suite and your dog will have access to them at nap and bedtime. We supply a raised bed for all dogs however feel free to bring a blanket and/or their dog bed from home.

Boarding FAQ’s

What are the requirements for my dog Board overnight?

Our requirements for boarding apply to all dogs, no matter the size or breed.

  • Must be good with other dogs and people. All dogs must pass a temperament test before being able to come and stay.
  • Have up-to-date Vaccinations
  • Must be spayed/neutered after the age of 7 months

We kennel our dog at night at home, can we bring our kennel?

Yes, if you usually kennel your dog at night, then please bring their kennel. Keeping your dogs regular routine will be less stressful for your dog and ensure that there is no “re-training” when they go home.

What Immunizations does my dog need to have to come?

We require up-to-date Rabies and Distemper immunizations. We also accept and encourage Titer Tests in lieu of vaccinations. For puppies, they can come play 2 Weeks after they’ve received their second set of puppy shots. Please contact us directly if your dog has any special vaccination issues.

Can my dog come to Daycare/Boarding if they not spayed/neutered?

All dogs must be spayed/neutered by the age of 7 months. We understand that some breeders want owners to not spay/neuter until the dog is at least 1 year, however this can cause issues within a daycare/boarding setting, so this rule is not negotiable.

Do you allow all breeds?

Yes!! We do not discriminate by breed, only by behavior. All dogs are required to pass a temperament test done by our Certified Trainer to be able to come play.

Do you take dogs that need to have daily medication?

Yes, we are more than happy to help your dog stay healthy and happy. Keep in mind however, that your dog should be able to physically handle this type of environment. We are not able to take dogs that are incontinent.

Do you feed all types of food?

Yes. We can feed and store all types of food. We have a large fridge and freezer for raw or homemade food. Please review food packaging policy above.

Does someone sleep with the dogs at night?

No. Both of our buildings are fully alarmed and monitored by a private security company. We have a hard wired fire detection system monitored 24 hrs a day. All rooms/areas have a live feed video surveillance system monitored by The Dog Patch. The dogs private sleeping suites are totally self-contained and locked when occupied. We find that our dogs settle and get a better night sleep when there are no human noises or distractions.

Where will our dog(s) sleep?

All dogs have their own private sleeping Hotel Suites, this is where their bed and any toys that they brought from home will be kept. Our sleeping suites are equipped with de-humidifiers, diffusers, a radio, a motion detecting alarm system and are climate controlled for all seasons, ensuring that your dog has a comfortable night sleep.

What’s my dog’s daily routine while Boarding?

After a good night sleep, all Boarding dogs go outside for their morning “business”. Breakfast is then served and playtime begins! When the afternoon rolls around, Boarding dogs are given a midday nap to ensure they are not overexerted or overstimulated. They then return to daycare for a few more hours to play with their friends. In the evening, Boarding guests are off to their private suite for dinner and a well-deserved nap. After nap-time, there is still time for one more play before last pees and then down for the night. When morning comes…we do it all over again!

Is there any way I can see my dog while I’m away?

Yes, you can see your dog everyday! We post pictures of both the big dog and small dog areas daily. Please visit out Facebook Page, either through this website (if you don’t have Facebook) or by searching The Dog
Ppatch on your personal Facebook page. If Facebook is not an option, please let our staff know and we’ll be happy to email pictures directly to you.

Can our dog get a bath or a full groom before we pick them up?

Absolutely!! You can book your dog for a bath or groom so they’re nice and clean when you pick them up. Just let one of our staff know what you would like to have done when you drop off your dog.

Are big and small dogs kept together?

No. We have separate buildings and play areas for both sizes. The big dogs play at The Dog Patch and smaller dogs and young puppies play at The Puppy Patch.

Where do the dogs go to the bathroom?

The Dog Patch and The Puppy Patch have attached outside areas where your dog can go to the bathroom whenever they need to. All dogs have access to outside at all times; therefore there isn’t any disruption of toilet training for your puppy or any confusion for trained dogs.

Do the dogs go for walks/taken off the premises?

If you’d like, yes! We now offer off premises Walks and Ball Throws that can be added to your Reservation as an Additional Service.  Your dog will never be taken off the premises if they have not booked one of these services or signed our waiver form.